Burlyburn is our popular choice for all types of wood burning stoves. We take the waste that doesn’t make the grade from producing our premium bedding and use it to make a 100% natural log that burns hotter and longer than its wood alternative.

Miscanthus is grown naturally, and uses more carbon in its growing cycle than it produces. By choosing to use Burlyburn, a high performing fuel which is also carbon neutral, you are making a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint whilst also relieving the pressure on your ever-increasing fuel prices. 

Did you know... Miscanthus is a Rhizome crop which is, quite literally, plant and leave. Producing product for up to 20 years without intervention.
— Miscanthus fact

the benefits

  • 100% Miscanthus (Elephant Grass)

  • Burns Hotter & Longer

  • Less Smoke

  • No Sparks Or Spitting

  • Carbon Neutral

  • Natural Sustainable

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Store In A Dry Place