Burlybed is made from 100% Miscanthus. We take the raw product in its cane form which is then baled on the field at harvest (in April) and we process it right here on the farm. 

It is passed through a shredder to sort and break the large bale, unless we have previously chopped and dried it in our drying floors, then it goes through a hammer mill to smash up the hard outer casing of the Miscanthus cane, exposing the soft pithy inner core. It’s then double dust extracted, before baling it and sending it on its way to our suppliers. 

We add nothing to our Burlybed except our time and expertise. Each bag is 100% Miscanthus processed here on demand, so that the very best product makes its way to your horse or ponies stable. 

Burlybed has a unique chop size based on its suitability for horse and pony bedding. The chop is the largest in our family of bedding, but of you’d like more info or think that a different size chop might suite your horse or pony please do call us for a chat. With constant monitoring of our customers requirements and our commitment to product development, we really value your feedback.

Did you know... Miscanthus has been responsible for raising the population of brown hares in parts of the UK. Its dense cover provides a safe resting place from predators
— Miscanthus fact

How do I use Burlybed?

You can use Burlybed however suits your own personal housekeeping regime in your stable or yard, but for the very best results we suggest a deep litter system. Miscanthus has a unique ‘lock away’ inner core which our baling process uniquely exposes. By using the deep litter system the moisture can be locked away from the surface of the bed, whilst droppings remain on the surface to be easily removed. 

In a regular 12x12 stable use up to 5-8 bales to make a deep fluffy bed over 2 thirds of the floor. Take droppings out daily but leave the bed down, like a very thick carpet. Once a week remove any patches that look obviously wet and add a little more top top up. Typically as little as a half a bale a week.