Burlybriq is our new product for the long and hot sunny days ahead! The perfect choice for your barbecue, Burlybriq is all the best of our natural Burlyburn fuel logs made into a perfectly sized barbecue briq. 

Burlybriq is made from 100% natural Miscanthus. shredded, graded and compressed into a neat briq for your barbecue, Burlybriq is made from a completely natural sustainable resource, so you can cook up your favourite food, and do your bit for the environment.

Did you know... Miscanthus is grown on British farms and we can trace all our bedding from farm to bedding your animals
— Miscanthus fact

Recommended use

Tumble a small pile of Burlybriq into your barbecue. Add some of our Burlylite natural Miscanthus firelighters, leave to heat until Burlybriq is burning golden. Then you’re ready to cook!

Miscanthus makes plenty of smoke on lighting, stand well back and leave to burn to a red heat ready for cooking. Burlybriq burns hotter and for about twice as long as charcoal or wood products, so keep and eye on those sausages and pop an extra few on when your neighbours has all burnt out!