Our Burlylite firelighters are made from 100% Miscanthus grass and recycled candlewax, all in a neat, user friendly cube. 

Burlylite offers you the chance to use a super environmentally friendly way to start your fires and barbecues, without the need for toxic chemicals or fumes. 

Our Miscanthus has a very low ignition rate and longer burn time for the perfect start to your fire, and the addition of recycled candle wax makes them much nicer to handle and a beautifully scented addition to your fire starting kit.


  • Carbon Neutral  

  • Pleasant to handle

  • No unpleasant fuel odour

  • Easy to light

  • Super long lasting

  • Produced from sustainable crops


Did you know... Miscanthus only flowers in its 7th spring year, producing a beautiful ostrich feather like bloom on the top of its single bare cane
— Miscanthus fact