Burlybed, your questions answered...

It seems like such a lot to put down to start with?

Yes, based on recent fashions where we have used rubber matting, small triangles of bedding in the back of the stable and everything from paper to pellets now in fashion, Burlybed is most definatley a more traditional style with its deep litter. However, the depth of the bed is not to mask moisture and droppings, it is in fact giving Burlybed the chance to work its magic deep within the bed, leaving the top clean and dry.

Do I really have to put down that much?

No you don’t! Burlybed will still work its magic for you if you use less. However, by placing down a fresh deep bed, not onloy is it bale to work better but you will top up by less. Typically less than a bale a fortnight based on a leisure horse with some turnout.

Is it really that clever?

Yes! It has a unique inner core which locks away moisture, deep within the Miscanthus. Up to 5 times more absorbent than straw and up to 3 times more absorbent than regular wood shavings. 

How quickly does it rot down?

Yes, amazingly well and quickly. As a 100% natural product it rots down slightly quicker than straw and can be spread straight on the land.

I like the scented bedding to mask odours, why isn’t Burlybed scented?

We are very proud to say that our Miscanthus is grown without chemicals or artificial fertilisers and processed without any additives at all. Its unique lock away core seals in any odours and by keeping it natural you can rot it down and spread it straight on the land.

Is it completely dust free?

We take the time to double dust extract Burlybed in its processing. However, we would never claim to be 100% dust free. What we can say is that it has an incredibly low dust content, without the addition of any harsh chemicals or aromas.  

Do horses eat it?

We get asked this question the most! The wonder crop that is Miscanthus has a unique ‘lock away’ inner core. This inner core is very, very absorbent and unpalatable so it is very unappealing and repellent to swallow. Of course there are inquisitive horses that will have a taste, but much like trying to eat a mouthful of cream crackers, it’s virtually impossible to swallow and comes straight back out again!

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