Welcome to Burlybed, the home of a range of products made from 100% organically grown Miscanthus. Grown and produced on our farm on the North Cornish coast, since 2009.


Our premium Miscanthus bedding is up to 3x more absorbent than shavings. Leaving you to simply remove the wet patches and use less to top up each day. As little as half a bale per box per week. Even for very wet horses and ponies!

Save on cleaning

Our bespoke Miscanthus production unlocks the maximum amount of the absorbent inner core, with it’s optimum super absorbency beds stay cleaner and your precious rugs, white socks and even grey coats, stay 3x cleaner and drier.   

Save on time

With such high absorbency and our new finer chopped 100% Miscanthus, dry bedding literally falls through your fork with ease, meaning more time for fun with your horse or pony.



Find out about our company and how we produce and maintain our eco-friendly products whilst running a farm.

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How it works

So why do we use Miscanthus and what makes it such a great crop for use in horse and other animal bedding?

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