Welcome to Burlybed, the home of natural bedding products grown and produced on our farm on the North Cornish coast, since 2009.



Our high quality, cost-effective equine bedding is made from UK grown Miscanthus or Oilseed Rape straw.


Burlybed Original is our premium Miscanthus bedding. Processed to best use the naturally highly absorbent core of the plant, double dust extracted and with no additives. Making a totally natural, economical, low dust, ultra-absorbent, and durable bed.  


Burlybed Light is our Oilseed Rape Straw bedding. Finely chopped and dust extracted to create an absorbent, cost-effective, soft and free-draining bed.   

Original and Light are great for wet horses and ponies, both quick to muck out and easy to maintain. Leaving you with a smaller muck heap that composts down more quickly than shavings or straw.

Where you can buy Burlybed Original or Burlybed Light? Visit our stockist page to find a supplier near you.


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