The Light choice

Back in September 2018, we launched the newest addition to the Burlybed range, Burlybed Light. The response from our wonderful customers over the winter has been fantastic, thank you all!

We wanted to expand our range to offer you, our customers, a wider choice of natural, high quality bedding that is completely biodegradable, UK grown and manufactured. Following our company ethos to be as natural and sustainable as possible we chose to add a chopped oilseed rape straw to our range and brought you Burlybed Light.

Oilseed rape is predominantly grown for its oil-rich seeds with the straw a by-product of this crop. We process this by-product to expose the absorbent core of the plant and create a low dust, free draining, high quality, absorbent bedding. Working in a similar way to Burlybed Original but giving a lighter, fluffier bed with a softer texture.  

If you haven’t tried it yet and want to give it a go look for the red packaging at one of our stockists. Find your nearest stockist here. If you have tried it, we would love to hear your feedback so please do get in touch.

We are proud to say all of our products are completely natural, low dust, high quality and 100% British.    


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