Green is the new black

Burlybed and Burlerrow Farm has always operated with the environment and conservation in mind. Miscanthus was chosen as a crop for its natural properties, not only making an exceptionally absorbent and yet durable animal bedding but also for the benefits it brings the farm on a wider scale. No use of fertilisers/pesticides, less mechanical intervention during its lifespan and the benefits to native wildlife, particularly as winter habitat.

We operate a variety of technologies to generate the utilities needed to operate the farm and bedding production machinery. Our two biomass boilers burn a proportion of our miscanthus crop to provide hot water and heating to various buildings. The heat generated is also used in the drying process during production of our bedding.

We also operate a wind turbine and have multiple roof mounted solar panels which generate enough power to provide approximately two thirds of our energy requirement.

As we manufacture both Burlybed Original and Burlybed Light the raw material goes through a dust extraction process, this waste is then processed to become Burlyburn, our high heat fuel logs for wood burners, open fires, barbeque or any solid fuel appliance. Nothing goes to waste.

We are by no means perfect but we are dedicated to doing what we can to make a difference. There are wider projects across Burlybed that we are working on to decrease our environmental impact and we will always keep you updated. After all, green really is the new black.