Prepare for winter

As the nights begin to draw in and the mornings start to feel more autumnal we all begin to think about the impending winter and preparations begin. Our time seems even more precious in the winter with limited daylight hours and who wants to spend all their time mucking out when time with our horses is so precious.

With winter around the corner, now is the time to be thinking about bedding and what you want and need from the bedding you choose. 

  • Bedding that is quick to muck out?

  • Bedding that is absorbent?

  • Bedding that is easy to dispose of?

  • Bedding that is low dust?

  • Bedding that is cost-effective?

When we speak to horse owners, yard owners and grooms these are some of the top considerations when looking at types of bedding and boy, are there a lot different types out there to choose from out there! 

However, here at Burlybed we have the answer to all of those considerations in both Burlybed Original and Burlybed Light.

Burlybed Original is 100% natural and made from UK grown miscanthus (elephant grass)

Burlybed Light is 100% natural and made from UK grown oilseed rape straw

Both Original and Light are quick to muck out and easy to use, the short chopped straw falling through the fork easily leaving minimal wastage.

Original is ultra-absorbent, mainly down to two factors, the natural qualities of the miscanthus plant and the way we process the raw material. Once harvested our production process cracks open the stem to expose a larger surface area of the pity absorbent core that simply chopping to expose the ends of the stems. It is this pithy core that holds an incredible amount of moisture as well as bad odours. 

Light is also an absorbent bedding choice with a similarly spongey core, processed in the same way that exposes as much of that core as possible.

The main difference between the two is the outer stem, the miscanthus we use for Burlybed Original is a larger stem with a thick durable outer that, when processed, becomes an incredibly durable bed. The rape straw used for Light is a finer stem with a thinner outer which, when processed, offers a softer feel with more volume when down as a bed.

Both miscanthus and rape straw are quick to rot down on the muckheap, taking between 4 to 8 months. Team this with the minimal wastage when mucking out your muckheap will be smaller, quicker to rot down and easier to handle.

As part of our production process both Original and Light go through our comprehensive dust extraction, the results of which are incredibly low dust levels for both products

As for being cost-effective, both Original and Light are incredibly economical for many management choices. If you choose to deep litter your stable or to do a full muck out on a daily basis our products will work for you. It is the quality of our raw material and the way we process it that makes the very most out the miscanthus and rape straw to work effectively and reduce wastage.

If you are planning ahead for winter and thinking of the dark nights and frozen mornings then make a move to make your life easier, look at getting your bedding stocked up. Check our stockist list or contact us

We can help make sure you get to spend more time with your horses and less time mucking out.