Welcome to Burlybed

15 years ago at Burlerrow Farm, James Mutton made the decision to invest in miscanthus, an eco-friendly and self-sustainable crop that would benefit the farm as well as being the ideal material to turn into animal bedding. 

Miscanthus is ultra-absorbent, hardwearing and sustainable. We process the harvested raw material on farm, in a unique way, using no additives, to make the most of the natural features of the crop to create Burlybed Original. Last year we added to our range. We process harvested oilseed rape straw to make our newest product, free draining and absorbent Burlybed Light.

Over the years Burlybed has gone from strength to strength with the support of our growing network of stockists and our fantastic customers. 

As many of you will know at the end of 2018 we had a fire onsite that damaged an important area of our production plant. Having this happen at our busiest time of year was incredibly challenging and we did our best to continue production and meet our winter demands. 

We have taken this misfortune and turned it into an opportunity. One that we are really excited about, and we want to take you on this journey with us. The journey starts here, with an introduction to our story so far… part one... Welcome to Burlybed